The website as a strong marketing tool

The company website is the strongest marketing tool for digital marketing and online advertising. Through its website, a company can communicate with its audience, present its products and services and provide useful information for its business. The website is the medium through which we will learn more about the business. If your company has a website then it is automatically considered to be a serious, professional business.

The image, content and functionality of a website are increasingly affecting audience judgment of whether they choose to cooperate with the business. People want the website to load quickly and provide all the required information that answer their queries, without having to contact someone. Users want the website to be useful and friendly. A well-organized website suggests that the business is well-organized and reliable as well. A website that is not well organized and user-friendly generates ugly impressions about the business.
What kind of website can be considered as being useful for a business?

The design philosophy of the website has gone through several phases. Fortunately, the logic that prevailed is that of substance rather than impressing. From time to time we have seen websites that are very impressive with animations, drawings, flash, sounds, video and many other impressing elements. But it was difficult to navigate and slow to load. A website that is simply designed but contains useful information is much more useful to the user and more profitable for the business. The customer needs quick answers rather than animation that ultimately does not offer anything useful. Another reason a website should be simple is that it is more economical in development but more importantly in maintenance and updating. The more complex the website, the more difficult to be updated. If the site is simple to design, then the business can take up the content itself by reducing its operating costs. Modern content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla facilitate the updating of a website by the business itself.

Websites should be designed to be displayed correctly and quickly on mobile phones and portable devices. The reason is that over 50% of users visit websites using their mobile phone or tablet. If the website does not display properly on a mobile phone and does not load quickly, then the customer simply cannot use it. That’s why it’s very important that the website be responsive, which means to display correctly on mobile phones and computers. A responsive website adjusts its appearance to display properly in the small dimensions of mobile phone and tablet screens.

The most important element a business desires is their website to be top of Google’s search page. For a website to be on Google’s first page, many parameters must apply. It’s not that simple and in many cases, it has a significant cost. However, if the website is not properly designed and does not contain usable content, it will never go to the first page. The whole process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is a complex and long-lasting effort that never ends.

Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to decide in what order each website will display when a user is looking to find information. At times, this algorithm changes in order to anticipate the continuously changing environment. A common assessment and ranking parameter is the usability of the content. Whether a visitor will receive useful information about what he is looking for. Therefore, if you want your website to be on the first page of Google, it must be properly designed and contain useful information for the visitor.

There are many ways to say something on a website. On the Internet the right way to say what you want is more complex than in a book, a brochure, a magazine, or the spoken word. This is because the content of a website is judged by two different entities that have different needs. And to make it even harder, you must satisfy them both! The first entity is the person who reads the content while the second is search engines. They will read the content of the site in different ways and will rank it accordingly in the order of the search results. Minor or big changes in the way content is written, the words used, the order, and many other parameters make the difference between a successful and a failed website.

Corporate websites are the focal point of Internet advertising. It’s the place that the prospective customer will eventually visit when responding to an adv. If the website and content associated with the ad does not satisfy the prospective customer, he will simply leave without any positive effect for the business. That’s why it is very important that we lead the prospective client to the right spot on the website and this place is the answer to what he is looking for.

Therefore what businesses need is a professional, simple website providing targeted and useful information to the visitor.

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